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Risk Analysis & Emergency Plan

Identify and assess the internal and external risks to which the company or institution is exposed, and then deal with them by taking preventive measures. The aim is to anticipate their occurrence or limit their impact by being proactive.

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Crisis Management

Personally assisting the company or institution in managing a crisis situation. Organisational steering by analysing the situation, finding solutions and implementing them.

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Produce a report or support the company or institution after a crisis event in order to learn lessons and possibly define an action plan. Analyse the decisions taken in the light of developments in the situation.

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By Pierre Aubry

Crisis management expert & Co-founder of IntuitSens

With a multi-disciplinary academic and professional background in the world of health and safety, Pierre has held a number of management positions and managed many crisis situations. A visionary, he has developed innovative approaches to crisis management.

Main qualities

Some of the key strengths

  • Expertise

    Extensive experience of crisis situations, project management for security systems and crisis management training for companies and public services.

  • Support

    Providing or supporting services, face-to-face or distance training, etc. Available with a response and initial action taken in less than 24 hours depending on requirements

  • Humanity

    The human factor remains at the heart of our approach. The services we provide are designed first and foremost to support the people we deal with in their own management of crisis situations.

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